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Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

    Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

    Beginning the day with lemon water carries with it a number of lofty claims. This trendy beverage fad is here to stay, ranging from a weight-loss remedy to a spa-like shine for your complexion.

    Lemon water, which is simply water with lemon juice, is a delightful approach to increasing your water consumption. Most notably, drinking lemon water is associated with an alkaline diet, which proposes that consuming alkalizing foods can balance our pH levels and prevent a variety of diseases. Even though lemon juice has a naturally low pH and is considered acidic prior to eating, it is actually alkalizing. “Despite its low pH, lemon juice is considered alkaline-forming since it leaves an alkaline ash in the body after being digested,” explains Lauren O’Connor, RDN, owner of Nutri Savvy Health and author of The Healthy Alkaline Diet Guide.

    Acidic ash, as opposed to alkaline ash, may raise the risk of some diseases, such as osteoporosis, despite the lack of clear scientific data to support this idea. On the other hand, alkaline ash is believed to protect against certain adverse health effects. It is believed that eating more alkaline foods will “alkalize” the body and therefore provide protection. In addition to lemon water, alkaline foods include other fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

    Find out if starting your day with lemon water is merely a fad or if there are any health benefits to doing so. Check out I Drank Lemon Water Every Morning for 30 Days and Noticed These 5 Life-Changing Outcomes for a first-hand account of what may occur if you routinely consume large amounts of this carbonated beverage.

    It Can Keep You Hydrated

    75% of Americans are dehydrated, meaning they do not consume sufficient water. Those who are dehydrated may feel constipation, dizziness, and other symptoms as a result of inadequate water intake. Lemon water is one of the most effective ways to replenish fluids in the body and battle dehydration. If you add lemon juice to your water because you appreciate the tangy flavor and, as a result, you drink more water, then by all means, enjoy your lemon water!

    Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

    It May Help You Lose Weight

    Although lemon water is not a panacea for weight loss, maintaining a healthy hydration state can support weight management objectives. Water is vital for the body’s inherent fat-burning capabilities. According to a 2016 paper published in Frontiers in Nutrition, the body uses stored fat to produce glycerol and free fatty acids as fuel. Without proper hydration, the body may have difficulty breaking down this energy source, making weight loss more difficult.

    It May Help Improve Your Mood

    For some, dehydration is associated with a decrease in mood. Consuming lemon water instead of plain water may encourage individuals to consume more fluids. In addition, some research indicates a relationship between cellular dehydration and diminished mood.

    Lemon Water May Support A Healthy Immune System

    Want to enhance your vitamin C intake during cold and flu season? One lemon has 18 milligrams of vitamin C in its juice. Adults require between 75 and 130 milligrams of this vitamin, depending on their gender and age.

    Beginning the day with a dose of vitamin C from lemon juice strengthens the immune system. While one cup of lemon water probably won’t cover all of your daily vitamin C requirements, it will give you a head start on consuming enough of this essential ingredient. Grabbing a kiwi on your way out the door can provide you with nearly all of the vitamin C you need for the day.

    Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

    It May Worsen Reflux Symptoms

    “Lemons are inherently acidic, with a pH between 2 and 3,” notes O’Connor. “This is terrible news for acid reflux patients, as acidic meals create heartburn and can irritate an already inflamed throat (a symptom of Silent Reflux).”

    It May Cause Tooth Erosion

    Jack Hirschfeld, DDS, a clinical instructor at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine’s School of Dental Medicine, states, “Any acidic beverage, such as lemon water, can gradually erode dental enamel.” If your enamel, or the outermost coating of your teeth, is steadily eroded, you may be setting your teeth up to be more sensitive or susceptible to cavities in the future.

    It May Result in Improved Cardiovascular Status

    If you are willing to add garlic to your lemon water, you may experience improvements in cardiovascular risk variables such as blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

    According to a study published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, hyperlipidemic (having too many fats in the blood) individuals who drank a beverage containing 20 grams of garlic and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice daily for 8 weeks had better cardiovascular outcomes than those who did not consume this beverage. The results included improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

    Citrus liquids, like lemon juice, naturally contain a unique flavonoid called hesperidin. Constant hesperidin consumption has been associated with improved systolic blood pressure in mildly hypertensive individuals, among other favorable effects.

    It Might Lessen Your Risk of Developing Kidney Stones

    Citrate, a citric acid salt, binds to calcium and helps prevent the production of kidney stones. Citrus fruits and drinks are an established natural source of citrate in the diet. Lemon juice appears to contain the largest concentration of this salt which prevents the formation of kidney stones.

    Research suggests that persons at risk for developing kidney stones who consistently consume lemon juice had a lower incidence of passing kidney stones than those who do not eat lemon juice. Note that the majority of studies exploring the association between lemon juice consumption and kidney stones included patients who consumed lemonade rather than pure lemon juice.

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