10 Amazing Blue Black Hair Color Looks

1. Midnight Blue And Black

This hair color is very sophisticated. The color and the layers create a beautiful hairstyle.

2. Blue Black Hair

This blue and black combination left us wanting more. This is a perfect example of subtly expressive colors.

3. Light Blue-Black Hair

The light blue-black hair is stunning! Also, have you ever seen such blue hair and not stopped to observe it.

4. Deep Blue Black Hair

Deep blues like navy appear mesmerizing. This partial dark blue hairstyle is definitely on my wish list.

5. Light Blue Hair With Purple

Why not attempt incorporating blue and purple into your hair color. This hairstyle appears absolutely celestial.

6. Mixed Blue Black Hair

A combination of colors such as electrifying blue and black-blue looks great on anyone.

7. Metallic Blue And Black

This hair color is one for the record books. The metallic blue and black add luster and elevate the appearance of the colored hair.

8. Two Shades Of Blue

And let's be frank, those swells against the blue remind us of the ocean! Simply incredible

9. Dark Icy Blue Hair

This shade of icy blue-black is one for the record books. This combination of blue and silver hair is stunning.

10. Light Purple And Blue Hair

I adore how the blue flashes dissolve into the purple. This color of blue-black hair is stunning!

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