12 Cool Frat Haircuts

Long Comb Over Fade

The long comb over fade is a cool style for college men who want to sport a sophisticated and fashionable appearance.

Long Side Swept Undercut

Long side-swept undercuts are popular among younger men with healthy hair who want to display it. 

Brush Up with Mid Taper Fade

This cut is suitable for all hair types due to its abundance of texture, and a mid-taper fade keeps the style current without the use of a traditional fade.

Short Sides with Long Top

A haircut with short sides and a long top is versatile and fashionable for modern frat men who desire limitless styling options. 

Middle Part with Undercut

Every young male should experiment with the middle part undercut.

Short French Crop 

The short French crop is a trendy haircut for college men attempting to modernize their look.

Choppy French

For a layered variation on the French crop, have your barber create a choppy, layered appearance on top. 

Classic College Haircut

A classic college haircut is a short, versatile style with texture and volume for a fashionable college appearance.

Mid Fade

The messy quiff is a trendy and adolescent haircut for young men who want to stand out with volume and movement. 

Modern Short Mohawk 

This contemporary interpretation makes the mohawk approachable.

Medium Side Swept

This classic cut is renowned for its precision in styling and taper fade, which provides sufficient contrast to accentuate your natural masculinity.

Short Hair 

Keeping your hair brief with a spiked fringe is a fashionable and effective way to distinguish yourself.

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