5 Haircut Trends That Are Shaping 2023

1. The Octopus Haircut

The cut is similar to a shag, but it is rounder and more bulbous on top and wider at the bottom.

The Octopus Haircut

If you want your hair to look like the one above, tell your hairdresser you want lots of wispy layers.

2. The Mixie

A member of the R+Co collective and a celebrity hairstylist defines the mixie as "a mullet meets a pixie

The Mixie

Because of the free length around the hairline, this style can be low maintenance, depending on your hair's texture.

3. The Shullet

The cullet, a combination of the terms "shag" and "mullet," is yet another example of wordplay. 

The Shullet

It's a great cut for folks who have naturally fine hair because the thicker texture works to bulk up the hair.

4. The Smullet

Essentially the same as "the cullet," only shorter. 

The Smullet

For the best lob-like effect, a mullet should end at or just above the shoulders.

5. The Power Bob

A sleek, power bob seems to be in high demand after being popularized by the successful HBO show. 

The Power Bob

To achieve this look, keep your hair around chin length or shorter; avoid layers if you want to stay true to the original.

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