6 Foods That Are Actually Better Canned

1. Beans

When it comes to canned legumes, the options are virtually limitless.


Green beans, cannellini beans, navy beans, pinto beans, and refried beans.

2. Beets

If you appreciate beets but dislike the preparation process pick up a can of canned beets.


Use them as a nibble on their own or as a topping for a sandwich or salad.

3. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a plant-based alternative to dairy that works well in many recipes.

Coconut Milk

It gives coffee, desserts, dips, marinades, oatmeal, condiments, smoothies, and soups a creamy texture.

4. Corn

Whether you prefer baby corn or corn on the cob, canned corn varieties make delectable meal additions.


Baby corn complements salads, soups, and stir-fries the most. Baby maize can even be consumed as a snack.

5. Diced Peppers

Canned diced chile or bell peppers impart a robust flavor and complement a variety of dishes.

Diced Peppers

Add chili or bell peppers from a can to burgers, chili, eggs, frittatas, meals, salsas, scrambles, and stir-fries.

6. Diced Tomatoes

Canned diced tomatoes are not only delectable and nutritious, but they are also a key ingredient in a variety of recipes.

Diced Tomatoes

Particularly staples such as burrito bowls, stews, dips, flatbreads, lasagnas, nachos, noodles, pizza, salsas, soups, and tacos.

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