6 Terrible Weight Loss Hacks

1. Starving Yourself

Starvation diets are bad because your body requires sustenance. 

Starving Yourself

Restricting calories can also cause vitamin deficits, weariness, dizziness, and hair loss.

2. Eliminating Carbs or Fat

Some diets recommend avoiding carbs or fat to lose weight fast. Losing weight by cutting carbs and fat isn't sustainable.

Eliminating Carbs or Fat

Cutting carbs and fat is unhealthy since your body requires them.

3. Replacing Meals With Supplements

Supplementing meals doesn't help weight loss or health. Protein smoothies are fine, but only infrequently.

Replacing Meals With Supplements

They're useful when you don't have time to cook, but using them often is risky. 

4. Doing Extreme Exercise

Weight loss requires exercise, but excessive workouts aren't necessary. 

Doing Extreme Exercise

Finding a hobby and making it a lifestyle is crucial. Make yoga, swimming, or walking a long-term, pleasurable exercise.

5. Only Focus on Diet and Exercise

Healthy lifestyles include more than diet and exercise.

Only Focus on Diet and Exercise

Self-care includes getting enough sleep, controlling stress, and enjoying oneself.

6. Cutting Out All Treats

Treats can help you lose weight. Treats occasionally can help you maintain your diet.

Cutting Out All Treats

An occasional sweet or salty snack will help you maintain your balanced diet. Don't overeat and watch your portions.

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