7 Haircut Trends Happening in New York Right Now

1. Butterfly Cut

Because it is essentially a pair of haircuts in one, the '70s-inspired butterfly cut continues to be strong in 2023. 

Butterfly Cut

There are shorter layers on top and longer layers on the bottom. "New Yorkers are searching for low-maintenance haircuts.

2. Octopus Haircut

Another trend still prevalent in New York City is the tentacle haircut. 

Octopus Haircut

This traditional hairstyle is broader and fuller on top and tentacle-like at the bottom.

3. The Bullet Bob

Those of us who reside in this teeming metropolis continue to find bobs indispensable. 

The Bullet Bob

Last year, blunt and narrow bobs were all the fashion, but this year, it's all about the bullet bob. 

4. A Modern Gamine

Currently, some city dwellers sport longer manes, while others select shorter hairstyles. 

A Modern Gamine

This particular style utilizes length and layers for an edgier appearance.

5. Blown Out Waves

This chic design is certain to attract attention in New York City. 

Blown Out Waves

Many fashionable women in New York are embracing gentle blowouts with waves. 

6. '90s Shag

Yes, New York City is still very fond of the shag haircut, and according to Knoll, this has a lot to do with '90s supermodels like Cindy Crawford.

7. Pixie Haircut

If the modern gamine isn't short enough for you in 2023, a pixie cut may be your best option. 

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