7 Most Exciting Hair Trends For 2023

1. A next-level haircut

Luke Hersheson believes that having a great haircut – even if it's only twice a year.

A next-level haircut

Investing in a haircut rather than just styling products gives hair shape, whether it's a bob or longer.

2.The bob

Unquestionably the hairstyle of 2022, the bob is also here to stay in 2023. 

The bob 

The Alexa-style bob remains popular in 2023, but there are numerous new variations in length, shape, volume, and design.

3. Knotless box braids

Intricate partings and motifs have always been popular in African culture.

Knotless box braids

Detailed cornrows and knotless box braids in various sizes and colors will be prevalent in the new year.

4. Glossy blow-dries

Many hairstylists forecast a return to the blow-dry and a more refined approach to styling hair. 

Glossy blow-dries

This sleek style has been created for his celebrity clients, including Dua Lipa.

5. An expensive finish

Even if you're not yet swayed by the glossy blow dry, you can still delve into this trend by giving your hair a polished finish.

6. Accessories galore

Mensah predicts that hairbands, ribbons, barrettes, scarves, and clips will be popular in 2023.

7. Curl-ready hairstyles

This year, hairstyles were influenced by the 1970s, with shags, choppy fringes, and untamed curls gaining popularity as the year progressed.

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