8 Hairstyles That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

1. Soft Bangs

Ask your stylist for delicate, wispy bangs like the Duchess of Cambridge to make your face appear softer and more youthful.

Soft Bangs

For a more dynamic appearance, sweep them to the side. Even more extreme options are available for infant bangs.

2. Braids

Although braids may appear to be a hairstyle reserved for young women, Ava DuVernay proves that older women can also carry them off.


To add a sense of vitality to your hairstyle, try a braid throughout the top of the head or a side-swept braid with unruly ends.

3. Wavy Bob

This delicate, wavy bob, as worn by Julianne Hough, is impossible to mess up. 

4. Pixie

If you desire a shorter hairstyle, consider requesting a cute pixie trim from your stylist. 

5. Bob

With a blunt bob, you can accentuate your mandible and enhance the appearance of your cheekbones, like the playwright Eve Ensler. 

6. Layered Mid-Length Style

If you wish to maintain lengthier hair, think about styling it with face-framing layers and a side-swept fringe, as Zooey Deschanel does.

7. Messy Shag

Add roughness and texture to your hair by adopting shaggy cut. 

Messy Shag

This hairstyle is lively and juvenile due to the flirtatious nature of the flipped ends.

8. Face-Framing Highlights

Add warmth and brightness to your face, à la, by highlighting your face with a few light-colored hues.

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