8 Unique and Healthy Vegetables

1. Daikon

Winter radish is a common ingredient in Asian cuisine. 


It mimics a large, white carrot with a leafy crown and has a crisp texture and moderate, peppery flavor.

2. Taro root

Taro is a prominent source of carbohydrates in both Africa and Asia.

Taro root

It is an excellent substitute for potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other starchy vegetables due to its subtle sweetness and delicate texture when prepared.

3. Delicata squash

Delicata squash is a variety of squash grown in summer that, despite being harvested

Delicata squash

In contrast to other types of squash, such as butternut and pumpkin, delicatas have thin, tender skin that is edible without removing.

4. Sunchokes

This glutinous vegetable appears like ginger root. When cooked, it is tender and faintly nutty in flavor.

5. Chayote squash

This brilliant green, wrinkly squash has edible, tender skin and white, mild flesh that is typically cooked but can also be consumed fresh.

6. Dandelion greens

The blades of the dandelion plant  are considered dandelion greens.

7. Jicama

The edible rhizome of the Pachyrhizus erosus vine is jicama. It resembles a turnip and has white, mildly fragrant flesh.

8. Cassava

Cassava, commonly referred to as yuca, is a type of root vegetable with a sweet potato-like appearance but a milder, nuttier flavor.

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