A Professional Birth Chart Reading

1. Sun Sign 

You can learn a lot about yourself and how others see you by learning your sun sign. 

2. Ascendant

Ascendant, or rising sign, is what most people assume to be your sun sign because it represents your outward identity. 

3. Moon Sign

Your emotional nature and how you respond to situations might be better understood by looking at your moon sign.

4. Mercury

Mercury rules over all means of expression. It stands for your mind and its capabilities.

5. Venus

The way you approach romantic relationships is based on your Venus sign.

6. Mars

Your Mars sign determines how you face challenges.

7. Jupiter

Jupiter rules over prosperity, enlargement, and good fortune. 

8. Saturn

Discipline and a sense of right and wrong are shaped by Saturn.

9. Uranus

Creativity and the unexpected are the hallmarks of life on Earth. 

10. Neptune

As with Saturn or Uranus, Neptune can shed light on our propensity to defy authority. 

11. Pluto

This planet represents closure and fresh starts.