A Second Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Whenever they are able to match your pace. 


They'll have a great sense of humor, be driven, enthusiastic, and worldly.

2. Taurus

Whenever there is uniformity. Someone who pursues you earns your undying gratitude.


They will share your sense of realism and appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.

3. Gemini

When they're engaging, it's amazing. If someone has captured your attention in an unusually strong manner.


you are completely invested in their company, from the moment you first lay eyes on them through your regular late-night discussions.

4. Cancer

When they ensure your mental well-being. A quick fix isn't what you're after, and as a water sign, you know that.


If someone can make you feel even a little bit at home, you will want to interact with them again from the first discussion to the twentieth.

5. Leo

When all their thoughts are focused on you. 


Nothing annoys you more than a flaky date, so if you find someone who seems promising.

6. Virgo

You don't like drama very much, so if your date isn't pleasant to be around, that's a big turnoff. 


You value making a good first impression in a romantic encounter. 

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