All Zodiac Signs Ranked From Luckiest to Least Lucky


The horseshoe-wearing half-horse phenomenon makes Sagittarius the luckiest zodiac sign. Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter, are always hopeful.


Libras, who love Sagittarians, are lucky. Libras, ruled by Venus and blessed with her charm, know who to befriend for luck.


Leos have charisma, Libras charm. Notice a trend? Zodiac signs that spread optimism receive it.


Capricorns may manufacture their own luck regardless of the stars. Capricorns get their way.


Tauruses are the most level-headed and steady zodiac signs, thus they're less likely to get into misfortune-causing plans.


Aries resemble Capricorns. They're bold enough to turn bad fate into good. They're confident enough to take on high-stakes scenarios.


Pisces are lucky in creative fields. Their excellent intuition might lead them to success.


Geminis aren't unlucky, but they don't locate four-leaf clovers. They're smart enough to make good choices, yet making someone miserable can sway them. 


The orderly Virgo is too cynical about luck to recognize good luck. Luck isn't quantifiable, and they value statistics.


Cancers are fickle and reactive, unlike Tauruses. Cancers can also dive into unfavorable opportunities.


Aquarius infants are imaginative and autonomous. With their heads in the clouds, they don't like pursuing luck or moving into greater luck.


Scorpio, beware. Pluto rules catastrophe, therefore a joyful existence is unlikely. Scorpios may make bad choices or go into problems.

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