ASTRO’s Moonbin Passes Away

The ASTRO member Moonbin abruptly departed us on April 19 and is now a star in the sky.

Although it cannot compare to the anguish of the bereft family, who had to say goodbye to their adored son

And sibling, his fellow artists and the employees at Fantagio, who have known him for a long time, are also grieving the loss of their longtime colleague.

It pains us even more to have to deliver this shocking news to Moonbin's devoted supporters.

Because we are painfully aware of how unrivaled the late [Moonbin] was in his devotion to his followers, whom he constantly considered, our sorrow is all the more overpowering.

We ask that you refrain from speculative or malevolent reports so that the bereaved family,

who has suffered a great loss due to an abrupt tragedy, may lament the deceased with dignity and say their final farewell.

In line with the grieving family's desires, the funeral will be conducted privately with family, close friends, and agency employees.

Once more, we convey our profound sorrow as the deceased takes his final steps.

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