Avoid These 5 Foods For A Healthy Mind

1. Multiple Cups Of Coffee

Too much caffeine can have a negative effect on anxiety in some individuals.

Multiple Cups Of Coffee

Matcha can be a wonderful alternative because it gives many people a sense of calm alertness due to the presence of L-theanine.

2. Diet Soda

If you're concerned about your mental health this summer, you may want to limit your consumption of diet cola.

Diet Soda

While we know that sodas high in sugar are bad for our health, diet sodas maybe even worse.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant and can cause a negative mood state or the infamous 'hangxiety.


This refers to the period during which your body is recuperating from a hangover and cortisol levels are elevated.

4. Highly Processed Foods 

I have difficulty concentrating, my temperament fluctuates, and I am not calm.

Highly Processed Foods 

The discomfort of bloating has a negative impact on my mental health.

5. Candy 

However, the consumption of natural sugar, such as that found in fruit, is very distinct from that of sugar found in candy.


In fact, according to one study, individuals who snack on fruit are less likely to exhibit depressive symptoms.

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