Best Buzz Cut Haircuts

Crew Cut

The primary distinction between a crew cut and a buzz cut is that the buzzing style is shorter on top, while the crew cut is longer.

Crew Cut

The sides and back of these military-inspired haircuts can be tapered to create contrast with the lengthier hair on top. 

Buzz Cut Fade

The buzz cut fade is a contemporary hairstyle for males with short sides and a closely cropped top.

Buzz Cut Fade

The most popular faded buzz cut styles feature a low, medium, or high taper fade to create a striking contrast for a streamlined finish.

Mid Fade and Line Up

The buzz cut is an essential hairstyle for men who favor a brief, professional, and masculine appearance. 

Military Buzz Cut

The military buzz cut is a brief hairstyle for men who desire a low-maintenance and naturally masculine appearance. 

Military Buzz Cut 

To achieve this style, begin by trimming the top with clippers fitted with a number three guard, and be sure to get a high taper to accentuate the contrast. 

High Bald Fade and Part

The long buzz cut is a trendy hairstyle that provides added versatility and texture while still appearing ruggedly attractive. 

Modern Buzz Cut 

This contemporary buzz cut features a brief skin fade and longer hair on top, allowing the barber greater control over the final texture. 

Short Buzz Cut

A buzz cut can be the ideal hairstyle for a modern male who prefers a daring look with attitude.

Full Buzz Cut

The buzz cut with a low taper fade is a versatile and sophisticated hairstyle for men who wish to avoid scalp exposure.

Buzz Cut

A low-temperature fade will complement your buzz cut by maintaining a uniform appearance. 

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