Best Cat Breed For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Bengal cat

Bengal cats are low-maintenance and fit Arians' hectic lifestyles. 

Taurus – Russian Blue cat

They're also laid-back, which fits this materialistic sign.

Gemini – Siamese cat

Twins and Mercury represent Gemini. Air signs are friendly, smart, and interested.

Cancer – Sphynx cat

These cats appreciate bathing and gentle petting, which suits emotional Cancerians.

Leo – Maine Coon cat

Leo matches their lush mane, loving nature, and lively energy.

Virgo – Persian cat

Persian cats are high-maintenance but adorable, like Virgos. 

Libra – Abyssinian cat

They also crave their owners' company, which Librans love. 

Scorpio – Bombay cat

Pluto rules Scorpios, who are mysterious. Scorpios are insightful and misunderstood as vengeful. 

Sagittarius – American Shorthair cat

Sagittarians and pedigreed American Shorthair tabbies get along well.

Capricorn – Serval cat

Capricorns are goal-oriented earth signs. Saturn—time, laws, and regulations—rules it.

Aquarius – Cornish Rex cat

They enjoy talking. Aquarians have Cornish Rex spirit cats.

Pisces – Birman cat

This Burmese-origin cat has long hair and big bones. This shy cat bonds with one person.