Best Haircuts For Black Men

1. High Burst Fade

The sponged frohawk is a popular hairstyle for black men with short sides and lengthier hair on top. 

High Burst Fade

The high burst fade adds personality, dimension, and contrast, creating a design that stands out.

2. Skin Fade and Line Up

A short afro may be a refreshing option for black men with densely textured hair who desire a clean and masculine appearance. 

Skin Fade and Line Up

This cut can prevent your appearance from becoming unruly, and coupling it with a low skin fade and line up gives your style an undeniably sharp edge.

3. Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz cut fades are a popular and professional short hairstyle for black males who desire a low-maintenance and contemporary appearance. 

Buzz Cut Fade

The buzz cut begins with a taper fade on the sides and back to create contrast and draw attention to the close-cropped top.

4. Dreads and High Fade

In recent years, dreadlocks have gained popularity, and for good reason. 

Dreads and High Fade

At an extended length, locs become highly adaptable and can enhance a black man's appearance when tied in a knot or ponytail.

5. Low Bald Fade and Beard

If you have wavy curls, it is fashionable to keep them short to combat the heat and always look good.

Low Bald Fade and Beard

A low bald taper will keep weight in the corners, while a well-kept beard will bring balance to your face.

6. Groomed Beard

An edge-up is a contemporary cut that emphasizes your fade, style, and beard for a clean look.

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