Best Hairstyles To Make You Look Younger And Stylish

1. Textured Pixie

This textured pixie cut makes Sharon Lawrence appear absolutely stunning. 

Textured Pixie

With its textured waves at the crown and forehead, the pixie reduces the appearance of fine lines and thickens a receding hairline. 

2. Tousled Side-Swept Bangs

This tousled, side-swept style adds volume and dimension to beautiful visage with its dreamy texture. 

Tousled Side-Swept Bangs

Use a small amount of texturizing product on your sideburns to maintain the effect's bounce.

3. Bangs All The Way

A delicately feathered fringe, also known as The French Facelift, works well for women over 40.

Bangs All The Way

This draws attention to her eyes without completely detracting from her forehead.

4. Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

Gorgeous Uma Thurman never ceases to impress us. If you desire a timeless appearance, emulate impeccable fashion sense. 

Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

Choose an asymmetrical hairdo with a moderately shallow angle. 

5. Naturally Straight

With her straight locks styled with a subtly deconstructed part.

Naturally Straight

The body begins to burn extra fat when fewer calories are eaten and more are burned through physical activity like exercise.

6. Braid It

The upturned hair adds volume and beautifully frames her features. 

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