Best Stretches to Warm Up for Any Workout

1. 90/90 Stretch

This exercise will stretch your abdomen and back, which is essential for rotational sports like golf and tennis.

90/90 Stretch

Lay on your left side with your legs bowed 90 degrees.

90/90 Stretch

Place a towel roll between your knees and extend your arms from your torso in a straight line.

2. Hip Crossover

Lie on your back with your knees bowed, your feet on the ground, and your arms at your sides.

Hip Crossover

Before rotating to the right, rotate your bent legs to the left until your left knee contacts the floor.

3. Hand Walk

Straighten your legs and place your palms flat on the ground.

Hand Walk

Pull in your belly button and walk a few steps with your palms in front of you.

4. Forearm to Instep

Take a large lunge-like stride forward with your left foot.

Forearm to Instep

Place your right hand on the ground at the same level as your left foot, and move your left forearm toward your left instep while keeping your right knee off the ground.

5. Pillar Marching

This full-body stretch should be felt everywhere, making it an ideal warm-up for any workout.

Pillar Marching

Start with a straight back and limbs at your sides. March forward while simultaneously raising each knee to waist level and thrusting your arms like a drum major.

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