Breathtaking Purple Ombre Hair Color Ideas

1. Purple Magic

This ombre is a unique combination of hues. At mid-length, the natural brown hair color transforms into purple tones. 

Purple Magic

The purple begins with faint pink undertones and soon acquires prominent blue undertones. 

2. Midnight Ombre

There is no greater pairing than black and purple, and this design does the pair justice. 

3. Purple Sombre

The rich and cool purple is dense at the roots and dissipates to an ashy lavender at the tips. 

Purple Sombre

The color change is so subtle that it is not noticeable unless you compare the color of the roots to the color of the ends.

4. Displaced Purple

This gorgeous ombre begins with dark eggplant roots and fades to lavender.

Displaced Purple

The blue-violet highlights at the mid-lengths contribute to the style's movement and dimension. 

5. Plum Blend

These hues are so vibrant that we can almost smell, taste, and hear them. 

Plum Blend

The natural dark chocolate color flows effortlessly into a berry-plum hue. 

6. Molten Lilac

This style has subtle amethyst undertones in its plum foundation. 

Molten Lilac

The transition through the mid-lengths acquires stronger, pastel violet tones, and the ends are a lovely lilac color.

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