Excellent Hairstyles for Straight Hair

1. A-Line Bob

Similar vibe, but is more subtle, the A-line bob is cut progressively shorter in the back and longer in the front.

A-Line Bob

This style appears best on straight hair because the soft gradient is more visible.

2. Textured Bob

Taylor Swift's bob is more layered and textured than the bob pictured above, which is sleeker and more abrupt. 

Textured Bob

The entirety of her hairstyle frames her face from every angle, with fringe reaching her forehead.

3. Shullet

The cullet is a cross between a shag and mullet that adds texture and volume to finer strands.


Follow Miley's example and maintain the cut polished and glossy by applying a styling cream to the mid-lengths.

4. Diffused Lob

Hair that is dense, thick, and straight benefits from diffused ends. 

5. Smullet

Similar concept to "the cullet," but shorter overall.


The optimal length for a mullet is just at or above the shoulders for a lob-like appearance.

6. Mixie

A mixie is an edgier hairdo that is longer in the back, similar to a mullet, and shorter in the front, similar to a pixie.

7. Swept-Over Pixie

You should avoid having too much length on the sides of your cranium and instead maintain more length on top.

8. Deep Side-Part Pixie

With a deep side part, longer sections on top, and cropped sides, this cut gives straighter strands instant volume.

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