Exceptional and Healthy Vegetables

1. Celeriac 

The root vegetable carrots is similarly related to cabbage and parsley.


Its celery-like flavor makes it an ideal low-carb replacement for potatoes in stews or soups, although it can also be eaten fresh.

2. Rutabaga 

Rutabagas, also known as swedes, snaggers, and neeps, belong to the same green vegetable genus as kale, broccoli, and cabbage.


They are very similar to radishes and are thought to be a hybrid between a turnip and a cabbage. 

3. Romanesco 

Romanesco is an attractive vegetable with a complex, spiral-like shape and vibrant green color.


Brassica fruits and vegetables, such as romanesco, broccoli, among others, and cabbage.

4. Bitter melon

There are numerous varieties, but they all have an acrid flavor. They are commonly used in stews, curries, and stir-fries.

Bitter melon

The vegetable has been utilized in conventional medicine for centuries to treat a variety of conditions, including diabetes.

5. Purslane 

Purslane is a common, edible plant that thrives in fields and meadows.


 It is technically a succulent, and its leaves are lustrous and lemon-flavored.

6. Tomatillos

Tomatillos imitate tomatoes and have a papery coating that must be removed prior to consumption.

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