Fast Foods on a Low-Carb Diet

1. Sub bowls

Submarine sandwiches are loaded with carbohydrates. The majority of the carbohydrates in a typical sub originate from the bun.

2. Grilled chicken

Fried poultry is high in fat because it absorbs a great deal of oil during the frying process.

3. Chipotle salad or bowl

Chipotle is an increasingly prominent Mexican fast-food chain.

Chipotle salad or bowl

Due to its use of high-quality ingredients and emphasis on protecting animals and sustainable agricultural techniques.

4. Lettuce-wrapped burger

A lettuce-wrapped, bunless hamburger is an ordinary low-carb fast food item. 

Lettuce-wrapped burger

If lettuce wrappers are not available, you may request that the bun be omitted.

5. Buffalo wings

Dependent on how they are prepared, pizza restaurants and sports bars may offer buffalo wings as a low-carb option.

Buffalo wings

Traditionally, buffalo chicken wings are topped with a fiery red sauce comprised of vinegar and hot red chiles.

6. Antipasto salad

Rapid sustenance Pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are the most well-known high-carb dishes served at Italian restaurants.

7. Subway salads

In recent years, the restaurant empire has offered customizable sliced salads with any combination of protein and vegetables.

8. Burrito bowl

However, nearly every Mexican restaurant allows customers to omit tortillas and other high-carbohydrate items.

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