Gorgeous Blowout Fade Cuts

1. Skin Burst Fade

For men who like to keep trendy, a short crop top is bold and low-maintenance.

Skin Burst Fade

The straight fringe and tight sides of this cropped v-cut require a crisp mid-skin burst fade. 

2. Burst Taper

The burst taper gives men short sides without revealing the scalp.

Burst Taper

The taper can be styled with the mohawk, mullet, blowout, faux hawk, and brush up to produce a great look. 

3. Burst Fade Mohawk 

Talk to your barber about a burst fade with a mohawk for a rebellious, versatile look. 

Burst Fade Mohawk

The bold shaved part, lineup, and cool fade keep the style tight.

4. Buzz Cut 

The buzz cut fade is perfect for the laid-back guy. 

Buzz Cut

The top is trimmed with clippers and the sides are shaved.

5. Low Burst Fade

Men may easily manage longer hair using braids. 

6. Low Burst Fade

Some guys prefer textured longer hairstyles to showcase their thick hair. 

7. High Burst Fade

Black men with kinky hair should have the sponged curly mohawk. 

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