Hair Layers with an Ultimate Styling Guide

1. Wispy Layers

The wispy trim is one of my fave techniques. When I think of ethereal, I envision a light and airy appearance. 

2. Textured Layers

When a layer's interior or extremities are cut with a texturizing shear, the layer is textured.

3. Flippy Layers

Flippy layers are layers that typically extend out away from the face to create a "flipped" 1970s style. 

4. Choppy Layers

This daring hairstyle is created with infant sideburns, a hefty face frame, and an abundance of choppy layers.

5. Feathered Layers

Light and feathery layers flow away from the face with feathered haircuts. The extremities are the focus of this section.

6. Short vs Long Layers

Layered haircuts provide space for volume, particularly in the summit of the head. 

7. Invisible Layers

If you want your color to be the focal point, choose imperceptible layers. 

8. Face Framing Layers

Face framing layers are layers that typically begin at or below the mandible and encircle the face.

9. U vs V Cut Layers

When cutting layers into longer hair, you can achieve either a U or, if you're feeling daring, a V shape. 

10. Layers for Curly Hair

In curly hair, layers help create a pleasant shape, enhance bounce, and, most importantly, prevent an ungainly triangle-cut appearance. 

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