Least Common Zodiac Sign

1. Aquarius

Aquarius is the least prevalent of all zodiac signs, comprising only 6.3% of the population.


Individuals born under the sign of Aquarius enjoy life but are not overly enthusiastic about commitments.

2. Leo

7.1% of the population are Leos, and they are ardent and proud. 


They enjoy being the focus of attention and are frequently the highlight of the room.

3. Sagittarius

Just 7.3% of the population belongs to the Sagittarius clan. As one of the most slothful zodiac signs, they do not always enjoy working.


The fact that they are near the bottom of this list is unlikely to concern them too much.

4. Aries

8.1% of the population is comprised of Aries.


They have an abundance of vitality and a strong resolve to achieve their goals.

5. Capricorn 

Capricorns, who make up 8.2% of the population, are extremely intelligent and therefore dislike wasting time on trivial matters. 


They can sometimes appear cold, but they have a great deal of affection to give. 

6. Taurus

8.3% of the population are Taureans, and they are as obstinate as they come. 


They are also naturally compassionate and demonstrate genuine concern for others, which makes them a delight to be around.

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