Least Powerful To Most Powerful Signs Ranked

1. Virgo 

Nobody analyzes like a Virgo. Because of their rationality, Virgo may be the most emotionally strong zodiac sign.


They analyze objectively and balance their emotions with reasoning and ideology. 

2. Sagittarius 

True, but people don't usually see the most powerful zodiac sign aspects in them. We'll prove they're powerful.


Sagittarius is rarely considered a powerful zodiac sign. Sags are charmers, not powerful. 

3. Cancer

Cancer, the most strong zodiac sign, is passionately protective of their loved ones.


If you're lucky enough to be their lover or friend, they're reliable and secure.

4. Taurus 

Most people find motherly warmth pleasant. Taurus gets closest to spreading such warmth and excitement.


The chinese zodiac women are fierce mama bears who take care of their loved ones.

5. Scorpio 

Game-changers and most powerful sign Here's why Scorpio ranks highest among zodiac signs. 


Their bravery and perseverance are unrivaled in the zodiac. 

6. Capricorn 

Capricorn has the strongest zodiac sign elements. Capricorns can handle all aspects of life. 


They value readiness and efficiency. Their ability to persuade others makes them powerful.

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