Love Lessons by Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Aries, the first Zodiac Sign, represents nature coming up after a lengthy sleep.

2. Taurus

They seek a "love cave" and are more steady than most. Their primal inclinations are rarely sugar-coated.

3. Gemini

The greatest brains see love as an uplifting force that may remove pessimism and gloomy thoughts.

4. Cancer

Water Signs begin with the fourth Zodiac Sign. Moon-ruled Cancer. 

5. Leo

Our radiant Sun rules the fifth Zodiac Sign. Thus, Leo love is real and should be acknowledged.

6. Virgo

They are crazy in love. Love makes them sacrifice a lot. Virgo teaches us to give freely for love. Selfless love.

7. Libra

They love love because of this. Love fuels them. Peace preserves love.

8. Scorpio

But, they realise that their intuition may fuel their ambitions. Scorpio values truth above emotion.

9. Sagittarius 

Love is their vehicle for this great adventure to find more exciting and brain-stimulating things.

10. Capricorn

Mars-influenced Capricorns enjoy thrills and flirting. True Love, like all precious things, is eternal for them.

11. Aquarius

They obey but don't like rules. They're distinctive. 

12. Pisces

The origin is here. Pisces have the most intuition. They may feel more connected to the Source.

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