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Lucky Laptop Colors Base On Your Zodiac Signs

Aries' fiery red color matches its fire and passion. To shine, Aries can get red laptops.

1. Aries – Red

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Green is lucky for Taurus, who usually dream about being affluent.

2. Taurus – Green

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Geminis' funny, playful energy always impresses. Gold will delight this sign group for life with its unique personality.

3. Gemini – Gold

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Cancers are lucky with mild colors like milk, white, and silver.

4. Cancer – Cream, White and Silver

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A new copper gold luxury laptop gives the Leo vigor and youth to assert his ego.

5. Leo – Bronze Gold

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Green and blue, peaceful and compassionate colors, complement their dispositions.

6. Virgo – Blue

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Libras are trusted advisors. They always shine brightly, making others happy. Libras prefer bright hues like baby blue or white.

7. Libra – Light Blue

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Scorpios suit red's mystery. This can also bring them luck in the this year.

8. Scorpio – Red

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Sagittarius is an adventurous sky. They are constantly seeking new experiences and challenges.

9. Sagittarius – Dark Gold

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This sign usually values fame and career. Hence, wise and insightful Capricorns suit purple.

10. Capricorn – Purple

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They are creative, bright, and always uplifting. Aquarius, hopeful, should wear light blue.

11. Aquarius – Light Green

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They're sensitive, empathetic, and sweet. Pink is the best color for Pisces, a lucky color that boosts confidence and stability.

12. Pisces – Pink

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