1. Side Part

The side part is one of the most adaptable partings and can be used to complement the facial features. 

2. Comb Over

Create the comb over by brushing the hair on top of the scalp to one side.

3. Hard Part

This is accomplished with a trimmer or razor and is a great addition to your haircut if you want to add contrast and definition. 

4. Fringe

Fringes can be cut on all types of hair and can be of varying lengths. 

5. Slick Back

The sleek back is an easy yet effective hairstyle that is masculine and fashionable.

6. Bald Fade

The hairless fade is one of the faded hairstyles designed to attract attention.

7. Taper Fade

The taper fades progressively reducing the length of the hair on the back and sides of the head from the crown.

8. Androgynous Haircut

Everyone can wear an androgynous haircut, which has both masculine and feminine characteristics.

9. Temple Fade

The temple fades, which features a decline around the temples, is an excellent choice for enhancing the hairline. 

10. Low Fade

Fades can be applied to the majority of hairstyles as a means of personalization. 

11. Mid Fade

As its name implies, a mid-fade hairstyle fades in the center of the head, around the temples, and the ears.

Mid Fade

This fade is more obvious than the low fade and will generate contrast with the hair on top of the head.

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