Most Affected Zodiac Signs 

1. Taurus

You could find it easier to come up with ideas and articulate them in a way that others can understand. 


As many planets transit this house, it may be time to release inhibitions and fully express who you are.

2. Scorpio

Mercury in your House of Relationships makes critical conversations with your partner or close friends simpler. 


The courage to speak clearly and concisely, meaningful talks you've been contemplating may arise more readily. 


As you become more expressive, you may have better talks with potential romantic partners or new friends.

3. Leo

Mercury in Taurus enhances your workplace communication, even though you're a natural leader. 


This transit affects your House of Interaction and Career, suggesting you may be asked to lead or advise on company matters. 


Think before you speak—people are listening.

4. Aquarius

Mercury in your House of Domestic and Roots will emphasize home life. 


You may feel extra at ease and want to produce and converse more in your home. 


A plan and orientation, you may feel empowered to handle unresolved concerns.