Most Argumentative Zodiac Sign

The prospect of a heated debate can on occasion pique an Aries' interest.


As they expect conflict at all times, they have no compunction about airing their views in public.


The passionate and powerful fire sign is often misunderstood as being overly aggressive and combative.


Whether it's a battle with their significant other or a heated debate with their coworkers.

2. Leo

They have valid points to argue and are unable to contain their anger.


They fight with great resolve and are always looking for ways to outwit their adversaries.


Caps are often frustrated when they are denied their desires.

3. Capricorn

That's why it's not uncommon for people to start fights in public with no provocatio.


It makes Capricorn another combative sign in the zodiac.


For a Piscean, feelings may make or break a situation. 

4. Pisces

they still feel compelled to voice their ideas during an argument.


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