1. Scorpio

They are extremely cynical and likely to take action based on their presumption that you are dishonest. 


If you manage to win their trust, though, you'll have dedicated supporters for life.

2. Gemini

This sign has a lot of trouble being honest with other people, and it's not only because they're twins.


It's easy to dismiss such behavior as innocuous, but a pattern of dishonesty eventually reveals itself.

3. Libra

The Balanced sign prefers tranquility to conflict. 


Libras are able to be deceitful since they are the zodiac's chameleons. 

4. Aquarius

Aquarians are known for following their own unique rhythm.


They are the outcasts of the zodiac, the weirdos who don't care about fitting.

5. Leo

Leos are known to flat-out lie. 


They're in it for the glory, and they have no compunction about bringing others down to get it.

6. Capricorn

As a result, they could put off telling a buddy some unpleasant news, which would only make the situation worse.


A Capricorn guy discusses his marriage with his therapist.