Most Exciting Spring Hair Color Trends to Try in 2023

1. Strawberry Red

Now is the best time to experiment with a fun, bright color, such as this pinkish red.

2. Pastel Tips

This year, however, we are only emphasizing the vibrant colors on our end. 

3. ‘60s Coppers

We saw an increase in every hue of red, and the trend continues this spring. 

4. Pretty Penny

In keeping with the copper trend, this hue strives for a slightly livelier appearance. 

5. The Wilson

This spring, green has been one of the most prevalent colors, according to Brian O'Connor, co-founder of Good Dye Young and beautician.

6. Icy Face Framing

You can make it as delicate and subtle as you like, or you can make it bolder and more vibrant without it becoming overwhelming.

7. Checkered

Linh Phan, cosmetologist and digital artist for Schwarzkopf Professional USA. 

8. Amber Ash Blonde

We foretold that baby highlights would be a rising sensation this year, so it comes as no surprise that they are steadily climbing the ranks.

9. The Expensive Brunette

This fashionable hue is sophisticated and understated for brunettes. 

10. Champagne Copper

Spring is characterized by a consistent trend of warmth, according to Siskovic. 

Champagne Copper

Copper tones are gentle. It has a champagne reflection that is sophisticated and contemporary.

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