Most Love's Gemini Weaknesses

1. Geminis are indecisive

Intellect can make them overly analytical and indecisive. This is a big Gemini relationship flaw.

Geminis are indecisive

Gemini men have devotion phobia in love. While they're madly in love, they don't commit because they're never sure.

2. Geminis work on an impulse

Geminis are adaptable but impulsive. They can switch their minds in a femtosecond. Geminis have this weakness. 

Geminis work on an impulse

They may make rash decisions and act superficially. Due to their whimsy, they may make relationship-harming decisions.

3. Geminis are unreliable.

Geminis are unavailable due to their impulsivity and incapability to commit. Gemini plans rarely succeed. 

Geminis are unreliable

They avoid responsibility, making long-term relationships difficult.

4. Geminis are interfering

Geminis are nosy and curious, which can irritate others. Intelligence and curiosity cost Geminis. 

Geminis are interfering

They're disruptive. They need every rumor. It slightly annoys the partner.

5. Lack of passion

It would likely remain verbal. Geminis should avoid intimacy and passion. They sleep guardedly.

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