Most Sarcastic Zodiac Signs

The temperament of a Gemini is the most acidic of any zodiac sign.

1. Gemini

Gemini always delivers the home run when it comes to cutting rejoinders.


Scorpion is incredibly witty and sarcastic. This zodiac sign has a peculiar sense of humor and can't seem to resist the urge to tease.

2. Scorpio

If you do something even mildly stupid, you will quickly become aware of Scorpion's sarcastic side, which wasn't immediately apparent.


The Aquarius character is accustomed to making jokes that make everyone around them burst out laughing. 

3. Aquarius

One of Aquarius' most distinguishing characteristics is a dry, biting wit that either endears them to their admirers or turns them off forever.


This level of sarcasm is unprecedented. One of the most anxious indications.

4. Capricorn

Caps find that sprinkling things with irony is a great way to show how they really feel.


Sags have a wealth of snarky remarks and punchlines at their disposal, making them one of the funniest star signs.

5. Sagittarius

Because they are a mellow sign that doesn't take themselves too seriously, they always seem to have a witty remark to make.


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