Most Stressful Zodiac Sign

Virgos perpetually subject themselves to a great deal of stress. 

1. Virgo

They are perfectionists under incessant pressure to put forth their best effort.


Cancers are extremely emotional individuals. They find it difficult to unwind not because they are overburdened,

2. Cancer

They place undue burden on oneself by criticizing themselves for minor infractions in life.


Caps excel at functioning under pressure. They would go to any lengths to obtain the extra credit, and they will eventually become inundated.

3. Capricorn

They strive to be the best and frequently surpass their own expectations.


Scorpions exert a tremendous quantity of effort to attain their objectives. 

4. Scorpio

They recognize that the world does not exist at their whim and that no one gives anything away for free. 


Leos place more pressure on themselves due to the attention they receive from so many people.

5. Leo

They are noble individuals who are willing to go out of their way to assist others, even if it costs them time. 


Libras, like Virgos, desire perfection in all aspects of life. 

6. Libra

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