1. Pisces

They channel this vitality into their artistic endeavors, so you can expect greater significance in most of their work.


Because of their strong faith in the supernatural, they are very susceptible to urban legends and urban superstitions.

2. Cancer

Furthermore, Cancers are highly impressionable, making them vulnerable to the ideas and beliefs of those around them.


Because the Moon rules the emotional water signs, their sensitivity to the "energies and vibrations of the universe" is heightened.

3. Scorpio

She claims that they have "strong minds that can actually manipulate energy" and are sensitive to details that others might miss.


As a result, people's reliance on superstitions and the supernatural is driven more by a desire for safety than anything else.

4. Libra

Librans, in contrast to Virgos, are more worried about how their actions may affect other people.


Because they prefer to either not know or ignore the truth, "they easily believe conspiracies and superstitions.

5. Aquarius

They see life through a highly conceptual lens, taking the energy of the broad-thinking air component that they carry on a daily basis.


more grounded and logical signs" who take things at face value. Thus, religion and superstition are not foreign concepts to them.

6. Virgo

Unless things are in some semblance of order, Virgo can't help but feel like they're inviting chaos into their lives.


This sign finds solace in a well-organized underwear drawer and a methodical approach to loading the dishwasher.