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Most To Least Messy Zodiac Signs Ranked 

You avoid cleaning no matter what. Your parents didn't make you clean.

1. Libra

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You find it harder to stay clean as an adult. After running out of paper plates, you do the dishes.


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You might rearrange the furnishings or buy new paintings when you're inspired. 

2. Leo

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You're ambitious and adore decorating, so the house is often messy. This doesn't bother you.


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You're a vivacious Sag who rarely stays home. Cleaning is last on your mind when you get home.

3. Sagittarius

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Used espresso cups cover half your kitchen table, and pizza containers line your room.


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Aries, you don't enjoy a messy home, yet you're too lazy to clean.

4. Aries

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Your idea of a good cleaning position is hiding all your clutter under the bed or in your wardrobe. 


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Scorpio, you like a quiet life. So, you don't mind cleaning when necessary.

5. Scorpio

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Your house isn't messy, but you hate preparing the bed in the morning and take days to tidy up after cooking.


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