Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs

1. Taurus

Taurus cheats the most. Tauruses require security and may leave their relationship if they don't get it. 


They can hide, but not cut ties. You may not discover their infidelity for a long time.

2. Aries

Cheating empowers Aries. They typically succumb to temptations since they don't grasp the risks. 


Aries crave new experiences and seek to reinvent themselves, making infidelity more likely. 

3. Leo

Leos constantly want more. If they feel unloved, unfaithfulness may occur.


We all know cheating is wrong, but our circumstances and mindset determine our likelihood of cheating.

4. Gemini

Emotional cheating is easier for Geminis than physical adultery, but it's still cheating. 


Most individuals don't notice their Gemini is cheating till later because they're adept at hiding things and can live double lives.

5. Sagittarius

He or she will pretend to want to be with the person they're seeing but won't disguise the infidelity.


Sagittarius can't break cleanly. This sign cheats because they always assume something greater is out there.

6. Cancer

Cancers can be unfaithful despite their reputation.


They trust individuals they shouldn't and sometimes get in over their heads.