1. Scorpio

They are so wrapped up in themselves that they refuse to accept whatever anybody else has to give unless it directly benefits them.


Because of this, they have a hard time trusting other people. Because of this, they are often secretive and vindictive. 

2. Aries

Although Aries are natural leaders, their boundless enthusiasm and drive can sometimes rub other people the wrong way.


The world, according to Won, owes them something, and they act as though they are entitled to it. 

3. Capricorn

Because of their reputation for being workaholics, Capricorns may place their careers ahead of their relationships with others. 


They prefer to claim all the credit and rarely express gratitude to those who placed them in positions of power.

4. Virgo

This sign is too preoccupied with improving itself to be grateful for what it has. He explains that even if a Virgo has a perfect lif.


Moreover, Virgos are extremely unwilling to actually ask for assistance because they are so type-A.

5. Leo

The issue arises, though, when the world isn't centered around them and they have to really interact with other people.


When the spotlight is on them, such when accepting an award or a particularly thoughtful present.

6. Pisces

This water sign can become so preoccupied with their own emotions and fantasies that they lose sight of their many blessings.


Such actions can cause individuals to become "overwhelmed by what they want and devoured by its obsessions," he says.