Only Dated Zodiac Signs

1. Aries

They're high-energy go-getters, so if they feel like they're spending all their energy to drag you to every event, they'll lose interest. 

2. Taurus

Taurus prefers home life over endless adventure. They like familiarity. 


They define love as eating good food and watching a good TV on a sofa.

3. Gemini

Great conversation wins over Geminis. If you can handle their fast tongue and constant flirtation.


Gemini will rapidly feel bored and start arranging their getaway.

4. Cancer

Cancers need to feel safe communicating their significant sentiments with their partner.


Their spouse must listen and make their Cancer feel heard, which is more crucial.

5. Leo

Leos must be praised. If people doubt, they'll assume the worse.


They require affection, therefore they won't date someone who doesn't.

6. Virgo

They think and plan a lot, so they feel better prepared to make judgments than if they let you lead. 


Virgos appreciate control. They're better with a passenger.

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