Predicts Zodiac Expectations Before 

1. Aries 

Increase the love you feel for one another by being more open and communicative in your relationship.


his is a favorable card for an Aries who is actively seeking a romantic partner.

2. Taurus

The Knight of Wands advises you to take bold, courageous action toward your goals. 

3. Gemini

The treachery shown on this card is not directed at you. 


The implication is that you're the one who's been acting foolishly this week. 

4. Cancer

You'll be preoccupied with your own thoughts, dwelling on the many concerns and fears that serve to depress you.


Nightmares might be a symptom of anxiety and despair seeping into your sleep.

5. Leo

You won't constantly have moments of sudden insight, so make the most of them this week. 


Grab hold of that imagination of yours and give form to your wildest creation fantasies. 

6. Virgo

It's easy to become mired in a rut when you're only seeing things from one angle, but something crucial will receive a fresh look this week.

7. Libra

An example of a quiet win is finding a prime parking spot in a crowded garage. 

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