Rio Ferdinand reveals how Paul Scholes brutalised Paul Pogba in training

Rio Ferdinand revealed that Paul Scholes abused Paul Pogba at Manchester United.

Scholes had retired and Pogba was on the fringes of the first team when they trained together in 2011/2012.

The Frenchman played sparingly under Sir Alex Ferguson before joining Juventus on a free transfer.

Ferdinand told BT Sport that Scholes gave Pogba a tough first-team training.

Ferdinand noted that managers loved to see young players get kicked.

Scholesy used to launch Paul Pogba, a young, talented player. I don't know why he kicked him, but he did.

“He was so big and powerful Paul and with that fantastic footwork and all he was able to hold Scholesy off and Scholes will just kick though him

and he'd lay on the floor and go like, “What's going on!?” We kept playing, but that's character-building."

Pogba may have felt the same, but it didn't hurt him. The Frenchman won four Serie A titles at Turin.

His return to Manchester United was disappointing, as his inconsistency, fitness, and professionalism cost him any hope of winning over the Old Trafford crowd.

In summer, he joined Juventus again on a free transfer and had a terrible second season in Italy.

Due to injuries, he played his first match of the season on February 28th and has 40 minutes.

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