Self-hypnosis For Weight Loss

1. Boosting self-control

One of the groups also received training in self-hypnosis techniques to enhance their sense of self-control prior to consuming.

Boosting self-control

The self-hypnosis group consumed fewer calories and lost more weight at the conclusion of the study. 

Boosting self-control

They also reported an improvement in their quality of life following the hypnosis intervention.

2. Lower body mass

After 10 weeks of hypnotherapy, the participants in the study had a lower body mass index.

Lower body mass

Lower blood levels of leptin, a hormone linked to obesity.

Lower body mass

In addition, adiponectin levels, a hormone required by the body to defend against obesity and type II diabetes, had increased.

3. Combination therapy

Numerous health professionals believe that hypnotherapy is most effective when combined with other weight loss strategies.

Combination therapy

That hypnotherapy was most effective for weight loss when combined with diet and exercise-based approaches.

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