Stunning Burst Fade Haircuts

1. Modern Quiff

The modern quiff is a beautiful hairstyle for men who want to show off their volume and structure.

Modern Quiff

Add a modest burst fade to this traditional haircut to make it more modern.

2. Burst Fade Mullet

Men who wish to try a burst fade can have a modern mullet.

Burst Fade Mullet

The burst taper fade, like the mohawk, highlights the front, sides, and back of the mullet.

3. Short Textured Quiff 

A low-maintenance mid-burst fade can spice up your short textured quiff. 

Short Textured Quiff 

The side fade is high enough to keep your look crisp while leaving enough length in the rear to balance the look.

4. Classic Burst Fade

Black males who accept their particular texture can rock the burst fade mohawk.

Classic Burst Fade

A high bald burst on the sides and a temple edge complement this wide mohawk with kinky hair. 

5. Low Burst Fade

Ask your barber for a burst fade if your brushed forward cut is getting messy.

Low Burst Fade

This increases top volume and lengthens your cut.

6. Faux Hawk

A shaved part and low burst fade can renew the show-stopping faux hawk. 

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