Stylish Mid Fade Haircuts

1. Mid Taper Fade

The mid taper fade haircut is one of the most classic and well-groomed men's hairstyles.

Mid Taper Fade

In contrast to the low fade, which may reveal too much hair on the sides, and the high fade, that can expose too much scalp.

2. Medium High Fade

Men who desire a contemporary and distinctive hairstyle may benefit from the medium high fade. 

Medium High Fade

The modern gentleman can achieve a masculine appearance with a mid-length fade, lengthier comb over, and shape up. 

3. Mid Bald Fade

If you tell your barber you want a mid-bald taper, your sides will be shaven down to the skin. 

Mid Bald Fade

The hairless fade is a daring, high-contrast haircut that complements many of the most popular men's hairstyles. 

4. Mid Fade Long Top

This mid fade with lengthy hair on top is the precise example we described previously.

Mid Fade Long Top

Combining a mid fade or even a skin fade on the sides with lengthier hair on top will enable you to create trendy hairstyles.

5. Mid Fade Short Hair

This mid fade with short hair features a neat taper and textured, dense hair.

Mid Fade Short Hair

This short pompadour, combed up and back, is fashionable and sophisticated. 

6. Mid Top Fade

This trendy men's hairstyle is a barbershop favorite for good reason it features immaculate fading on the sides and back, a delectable edge up.

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