The Dessert Your Zodiac Sign Recommends

1. Aries: Ice Cream

Signed by the ram, Aries is stereotypically bold, fearless, and self-reliant.

2. Taurus: White Cake

Taurus is the zodiac sign most often linked with a fondness for culinary delights. 

Taurus: White Cake 

She continues by saying that the ever-grateful Taurus would eat every last crumb of the cake and lick the icing off their fingers.

3. Gemini: Macarons

For the Gemini who has trouble making up their minds, professional astrologer.

Gemini: Macarons

Ash praises the crunchy cookie outside and flavorful interior of these colorful French pastries.

4. Cancer: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cancers like a comfortable environment highly. Because of its sensitivity, this sign would benefit from a sweet treat like a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

Cancer: Chocolate Chip Cookie

This selection "warms the spirit," as Farrar puts it, which is ideal for the nurturing Cancer. 

5. Leo: Walnut Cake

Self-assured and ambitious, Leos are natural leaders. Despite this, they hunger for authority.

Leo: Walnut Cake

It's hardly surprising that they're such nut fans, as that food is often linked to sexual prowess, in her opinion.

6. Virgo: Mint Chocolate Cake

Virgos are known for being sensible and practical, so it seems to reason that they would also prioritize their health.

Virgo: Mint Chocolate Cake

That's why you could find that Virgos like desserts that use aromatic herbs.

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