The Grumpiest Zodiac Sign

1. Virgo

Until something doesn't go their way, Virgos are incredibly nice.


Virgos, because of their lofty expectations, are "prone to feeling dissatisfied or disappointed with how things are."

2. Cancer

Cancers are sensitive souls who are quick to lash out when they or others they care about are wronged. 


They tend to stay quiet and retreat from people," so if you upset a buddy who is a Cancer, don't expect a conflict.

3. Pisces

This water sign shares Cancer's emotionality and sensitivity, which might manifest as  in words.


 Pisces are dissatisfied, they swing between wanting to be social to withdrawing entirely.

4. Capricorn

Capricorns strive for excellence in whatever they do, and they hold others to the same standard.


When other individuals aren't working as hard as they are, Capricorns can get.

5. Aquarius

To an Aquarius, everyone else should do as they say and, more crucially, share their beliefs.


That makes it hard to hear opposing viewpoints from loved ones.

6. Scorpio

They are perceived as grumpy by strangers because they despise making small talk. 


They are merely highly engaged in quality and need people who understand.

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